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In 2022, Terry Trueman and Vincent Triola met by way of a book review written by Vince about Terry’s novel Stuck in Neutral. After some insults and mocking, the authors collaborated, agreeing that the world needed their combined authorship to solve issues. Using all of Vince’s web development, marketing, and education gained from writing essays for money, he created Christian Pollution as Terry yawned in agreement, feeling entitled to do nothing since his novel won a Printz Award.

Empowered by the growth of their first website, they created another, Just Weighing, which Vince also worked tirelessly to build while Terry did nothing. That site grew and faced with having two websites to manage and the difficulty of answering emails and writing separate newsletters, Vince, because Terry did nothing to help, created the Trueman & Triola Newsletter to bring the latest news and articles straight to your mailbox.

What a deal!

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You might be thinking, “What could a professional term-paper writer of questionable ethics and a lazy writer of young adult books do for me?”

A good question, with an even better answer! The Trueman & Triola Newsletter combines the intellectual might of two very different writers seeking to make positive change in the world. We fight against stupidity, religion, and promote critical thinking to help you. We seek to entertain you with satire, humor, and other perspectives that highlight the truth.

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I've been a writer and poet for a very long time.