A Few Words About Myself (Vincent Triola)

Pronouns: Supreme-Ultimate, Writing-Dynamo, The One, & Cast Down From On High

Discussing myself tends to elicit lies, not for trying to sell something or impress you but rather to make the story interesting. Literary self-aggrandizing led to many problems, such as an inability to write diaries due to confusing fiction and reality when reread. So much an issue, this self-fictionalizing made writing proper bios and resumes impossible as astounding feats replaced mundane activities, causing the creation of an entire blog about me on my website – which is far less conceited than it sounds.

Despite biographic embellishment problems, I consider dishonesty a virtue. Like Achilles bathed in Styx, I emerged from classical education’s waters an insightful, compelling writer elucidating social issues in articles and novels, all while suffering the tragic inability to inward turn that same zeal for truth. Just like Achilles, stand I,

Triola! A poetic warrior.

Vincent! A literary juggernaut.

A champion laying waste to illiteracy’s Troy!

Joining me on this campaign for truth, my bio notwithstanding, you should be aware of the enemies faced. I despise religion, most emphatically Christians, who I find illiterate, mindless cretins whose hypocrisy dwarfs a lack of poetry in a void of any redeeming qualities.

I also hold great animosity to the traffickers, the Pimps of Literature, for selling books as if managing an author bordello in a red-light district, but more for controlling billions of dollars and choosing to publish trash by the mountains. My sword draws the line against you in the dirt!

Exists other enemies, but perhaps most important are authors. My disdain for the genre fiction author is legendary! I write for readers, not writers.

If you belong to that pathetic clan of illiterates, I beseech you to stop reading, return to your writing hovel, and mentally masturbate to the famous sci-fi or fantasy author you venerate. There is no position for you in my army.

Having answered with as much honesty as possible, I invite you to stay, fight, and bask in the glory of truth triumphing over lies.