CHAPTER 1 Polluted Thinking

Christian Crazy
Alcoholism that isn’t a disease
Nothing Says Stupidity Like Christian Purity
Hey, women, shut-up, get in the kitchen, & cook me up some respect
Linda Kay Klein & many other women, who describe this culture as weaponized against them.
Your Idealized Christian Beliefs
To Improve Yourself with Twelve Step Christian Magic
Idealized Beliefs
AA Purity
The Demon Rum

The Depravity of Twelve Step Christianity

The Worst is Yet to Come
The Christian-Mingle Freeze-Out
Because You Might Just Find Yourself Angry, Lonely, Tired, & Worse Yet, Crazier Than You’ve Ever Been
Stinky Thinkin’
The Religious Absurdity of Alcoholics Anonymous & Christianity
The Real Stinkin’ Thinkin’
Apologize to your Rapist!
Macho-Man Between Pink Bedsheets
Pass On The Knowledge That Makes You An Upstanding Member Of The Booze Church
Sex, Which is The Universal Truth
And Try Understanding What The Fuck Made You Think Your Complaining Had Meaning
All The Love
SOME CONFESSIONS ARE BETTER LEFT ALONE:  Then again, what’s the point of ANY confession?
Of accusing others of ‘protecting pedophiles’ after serving time for raping a 14-year-old girl
Just Like Those Model AAs Filling Sick Teens With Their Love
Sex, Sex, SEX . . . Doesn’t Anybody Think About Prayer Anymore?
Dysfunctional, Twelve Step, Christian Thinking
Who is the enemy in our lives today? Who is it ALWAYS?

Seeing the Light

The Addiction Disease Mythology
Aging & Atheism
Dick B.
Christian Hypocrites
Alcoholics Anonymous is Ineffective
Stinky Thinkin’ ~ Redux
Wasting Precious Time & Risking Your Life
Love Making and/vs Having Sex
Celebrity Death Celebration
Happy Mother’s Day
Inventing More of Its Own Bullshit
A Guy I Used to Know